Safety on your smartphone for the RIT Campus


Phone numbers

TigerSafe provides immediate and clear access to the most important phone numbers on campus. No longer will users have to rely on speed dial, sifting through contacts, or memorization to get Public Safety on the line.

Texting too

Integrating closely with Google Voice™ servers (or other SMS server options) TigerSafe offers our deaf, hard-of-hearing and SMS preferring users another option to communicate with Public Safety.

Everything else

TigerSafe offers customizable access to further Public Safety resources such as important campus websites, crime prevention tips, lost item reporting, and other useful resources.



For medium-priority calls of service, users can transmit a detailed report directly from their smartphone. Jumpstarts, noise complaints, lockouts, escorts and other custom report types are fully supported.


TigerSafe reports capture structured, detailed and relevant information to better serve Public Safety. A user's name, contact information, and other relevant personal information is visible to Public Safety Communications Officer; allowing them to better respond to the user's needs.


Public Safety calls of service may rely on a user’s ability to know and describe their current location over the phone. TigerSafe builds on this by using GPS location information to show the dispatcher exactly where the user is, even down to which parking spot they are in.


One touch

In a crisis situation, every second matters. TigerSafe puts a virtual bluelight at the fingertips of every user. By pressing and holding down the bluelight, a user's location, contact information, and personal information are sent to Public Safety.


TigerSafe has extensive testing and development to ensure that users are located quickly, accurately, and persistently. TigerSafe relies on multiple location providers to allow user location in buildings, underground, and everywhere else.


After the bluelight has been pressed, TigerSafe will immediately connect the user with Public Safety. For those who prefer or require SMS, TigerSafe can be configured to instead initiate a text conversation with dispatch.

Questions about TigerSafe

How much does TigerSafe cost?

Nothing. TigerSafe can be downloaded for free by all RIT students, faculty, staff and even parents.

Who can use TigerSafe?

Anyone can download TigerSafe to utilize the Inform feature, but you must sign in with your RIT DCE Account to utilize the Report and Assist features.

Does TigerSafe work off-campus?

All aspects of TigerSafe work off campus except for the Blue Light Assist feature. You will need to dial 911 to reach your local law enforcement agency.

Can I leave anonymous tips?

No. By signing in with your DCE Account you will not be anonymous.

Does Public Safety always know my location?

No. You’re location is only checked when you use the Report and Assist features of TigerSafe.

Is TigerSafe an officially sanctioned RIT app?

Yes. TigerSafe was developed in cooperatoin with the RIT Department of Public Safety.

Does the Assist feature work if I'm in a building?

TigerSafe utilizes a number of location technologies to deliver a fast and accurate user location. However, if your phone is not receiving a location fix in a timely manner, we urge you to simply call Public Safety if you are experiencing an emergency in a building.

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